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Case Study - Poor Quality Stainless Steel Spigots

Posted by Miami Stainless on 08-Jun-2017 10:00:00

Late last year one of our loyal customers installed a custom made staircase in a beautiful display home on the Gold Coast.  Miami Stainless proudly supplied a stylish stainless steel handrail to complete the project.  It was such a lovely job that we sent our photographer to the project to get some pictures.  



It was at this point that our team noticed some other stainless steel items that had been installed on the balcony of the home.  Although only installed 6 weeks earlier, the spigots for the glass balustrade had severe tea staining over all of the spigots.  These were obviously NOT Miami Stainless products.  



Rusting spigot.jpeg

After 6 weeks - inferior stainless steel



For stainless steel to begin tea staining in such a short period of time is evidence that an inferior grade of stainless steel has been used. It is widely known that in coastal areas stainless steel can deteriorate faster however by using quality products and with correct maintenance and cleaning this can be dramatically reduced.  


So as a show of confidence in our products Miami Stainless offered to replace the inferior stainless steel spigots with our quality 2205 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Spigots


stainless spigot 2205.jpg

After 5 months - Quality Miami Stainless Spigot



Our pictures speak for themselves in this example.  5 months after the new Miami Stainless spigots were installed there is no evidence of tea staining.  The products are bright and shinny, just like all good stainless should be.



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