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Importance of using anti-seize with Turnbuckles

Posted by Miami Stainless on 08-Jul-2020 00:23:00


Why to use anti-seize?

Using anti-seize with turnbuckles, specially on Econ version is very crucial for the turnbuckle to work best of its abilities. The Anti-seize compound protects against seizure of metal parts, such as thread seizure during installation, differing metal corrosion and protecting joints from highly corrosive environments.


Turnbuckle 5mm Jaw/Jaw Econ AISI 316


Anti-seize is also used to more efficiently tighten hardware, without seizing the parts.  The anti-seize is similar to grease in its content, however the solid lubricant in anti-seize can withstand temperatures up to 1450 degrees and protects from seizure in high torque and stressful installations.


Molytec Nickeltec Anti Seize 300g Aerosol


Molytec Nickeltec Anti Seize 65g Tube


Molytec Nickeltec Anti Seize 225g Tin


Loctite Anti Seize 20g Stick


How to apply anti-seize?

1. Wind out the turnbuckle



2. Apply anti-seize liberally to the threads of the turnbuckle


3. Attach turnbuckle to edge of sail and post fixing point

4. Slowly tighten turnbuckle making sure the anti-seize is penetrating between the shoulder of turnbuckle and the thread, until desired tension is reached


5. Lock nut tight

against turnbuckle to prevent unwinding/untensioning.




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