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What is a swage stud?

Posted by Miami Stainless on 22-Jan-2018 22:35:00

A swage stud or swage terminal is a stainless steel product that is connected to the end of a section of wire allowing the wire to be connected to other components.  Swage studs are primarily used as a tensioner, used together with bottlescrews, toggle heads and threaded inserts.  


The process of swaging is achieved by inserting the wire end into the swage terminal and applying force to the outside the terminal either by hand or hydraulic tools, compressing the stainless steel terminal onto the wire preventing it from being pulled out.



Used in balustrade, the swage stud eliminates the messy DIY Balustrade System which loops the wire and attaches to the post using saddles. The swage studs are used with a Threaded Insert and tensioned each end. See example below.


swage stud in timber balustrade


The swage stud is used in shade sail installations to tension the supporting wires that keep the shade cloth tight and in shape.


swage termina in shade structure


In marine applications swage studs are used in a variety of areas.  Most commonly they are used together with a turnbuckle rigging screw to secure the mast of yachts.


marine swage terminal rigging screw



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