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How to get a balustrade quote

Posted by Miami Stainless on 08-Feb-2017 10:21:00
balustrade-online-calculator.jpgThere are numerous types of balustrade fittings available on the market.  Calculating the cost of your balustrade or handrail will depend on a number of different factors:
  • The type of balustrade fittings you use
  • If you are going to use timber or metal posts
  • The size of your project including heights and lengths

With this information you can get an instant online balustrade quote using our Balustrade Calculator.

For this example we are going to assume you are using TIMBER posts and we have selected the INSERT SWAGE STUD SYSTEM.  This is a very popular system and is sleek in design and relatively simple to install.


Step 1: Measure the height of the balustrade handrail

For this project we are going to assume the height  measurement to be 960mm

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 1.38.33 PM.png


Step 2: Measure the length of each section

A section is a measurement of your balustrade from the start fitting point to the end location of your fittings.  For instance on a deck area you may have several sections of different measurements.    If you are using this system on stair sections you will need swivel connectors at each end.  Please contact our team for further advice.


For the INSERT SWAGE STUD SYSTEM you need to measure the inside to inside post measurements.

measure balustrade sections.png

Some systems require that you measure the space between each post, whilsts other systems require the outside measurement.  Please remember to check the requirement for your type of systems before ordering.


Step 3: Decide if you want to meet with NCC Regulations.

If so, for our example balustrade which is 960mm high you will need a minimum of 11 runs.  Runs are the number of wires you will install in each section.  There are government guidelines for balustrades and staircases.  If you would like further information on these guidelines visit our Regulations page on our website or call one of our friendly team.


Step 4: Enter your measurements in our Balustrade Quote Calculator

Our quote calculator is a simple and easy way to get a balustrade quote.  It will automatically calculate the required length of wires and number of fixtures and fittings you will need for your balustrade.  The system will give you an instant online quotation.  

When using the balustrade quote calculator all the wires will include factory swaging.

Click Here To Start Balustrade Quote


If you are still not sure you have the right system or have further questions our friendly sales team are always on hand for advice, call 1800 022 122.


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