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How to use the HX-50 Hand Swage Tool

Posted by Miami Stainless on 01-Apr-2021 13:02:49

HX-50 Hand Swage Tool

We have just released a new video to our YouTube channel.  In this new video our team member Jarrod explains how to use the HX-50 Hand Swage Tool.  

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Hey guys welcome to Miami Stainless today we'll be teaching you how to use the HX-50 hex swaging tool. By the end of this video you'll confidently know how to use this tool to complete your tension rod DIY system. The tool is easy to use and suitable for any DIYer.

We recommend using the swaging tool for any system that includes the swage terminals. All these products can be purchased online at our website or in-store.

If there are any other products that you would like to see us do a tutorial on please just leave us a comment in the section below. So, in today's scenario we're going to be showing the tension rod system. We are using some 3.2mm 1 x19 ProRig wire and all your components needed to be able to complete the system. Each component has to go on to the wire before it is swaged. They need to go on in a particular order too.

For the finishing top end its pretty simple. Feed the finishing stop on first with the end that threads into the post facing the cut end of the wire. Now push the swage terminal onto the wire. Ensure your wire is cut nice and clean otherwise you might have trouble getting the swage terminal on. Now grab your HX-50 and place on a nice sturdy platform.

Make sure that it sets the correct settings which is level 6 for this 3.2mm wire size. You want to start your swage at the end towards where the wire is sticking out. Close up the HX-50 to put in the first press, move along the swage to the middle and put in your second press, move the tool along the swage sleeve to the end and put in the 3rd and final press. Now for the other end of the wire. First thread on the finishing cap, then the tension rod. Ensure that this is fed onto the wire so that the flat section will still be visible once its screwed in.

Later you’ll use this flat section to tighten the rod with soft jaw pliers. Now that you have double checked you've got everything going the correct way go ahead grab the next swage terminal put it on the end of the wire and repeat the 3 press swages. Now your wire is completed, and you can now thread this into your post system.

If you found this video useful please give us a like or a comment below and if there are any other instructional videos you'd like us to see please put your suggestions in the comments section. Thanks again for joining us and don't forget to subscribe to the Miami Stainless channel to be notified when next videos will be coming out thank you.

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