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Stainless Steel – The Overlooked Style Enhancer for All Modern Structures

Posted by Miami Stainless on 25-Feb-2020 09:15:22

When creating and designing buildings and dwellings there is a constant pressure to be innovative. It's not that each design has to be different because style is naturally embedded in the present and whatever the present vogue is. But materials can be different and variation is the spice of life. Especially if they encapsulate or endorse a design or style set.

The contemporary environment also appears to be very liberal so variety can come from all sorts of things including old and ancient, colour and texture contrast,  contour and substance. Or all of these things. As such liberalness can often give a sense of confusion and incoordination. And so often designs are prominent for their need to have something tidy and uniting, something that pulls everything together.

Enter Stainless Steel!

custom post in glass bw

If ever there was a product standing the test of time its stainless steel. Since its creation in 1913, Stainless steel has become highly favoured for long lasting fittings, strength of product, visual integrity and of course - style. How many entities sought and achieved fully stainless versions of their favourite boat, car, ornament, or furniture. Interestingly it's more common than we see. And around the house its invariably used as a symbol of status as well.

It is also distinctive, and ironically this for some reason may be where it is overlooked as an in-house style product. It's virtually in a bracket of its own. For this reason stainless steel may be overlooked due to that fact that it essentially isn’t aligned to a group in terms of a building product or feature. And this is where many architects probably miss the boat and do their clients a disservice.

For stainless can be all of what they wish in the right setting, often offering contrast perfectly. It's solid, linear, shiny, established, sequenced, sporty, inspiring, sexy, integral, reliable, and much more. And to accommodate its versatility architects need to understand the repertoire of options that are available to them, both as a construction product and a feature product, a safety products and a style product.

Stainless steel handrail and posts286

Because style is where it's at and there are unlimited ways that Stainless steel can add to style in any given setting.

To find out more its worthwhile visiting a recognised stainless provider. And with more than 20 years experience there is no-one more worthwhile than Miami Stainless.

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