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The Rise & Shine Of Catenary Lighting

Posted by Miami Stainless on 03-Oct-2019 09:15:00

What is catenary lighting?

Catenary lighting is the installation of lights suspended on wire above an area rather than the usual ceiling or pole mounted install.  This style of lighting has had a growth period recently due to its versatility and dramatic affect.

The lights suspended on wire rope and fixings give you the ability to light up large spaces without the need to install posts. Using subtle luminous bulbs creates a beautiful ambient affect.  The installation of catenary lighting is growing in popularity particularly in shopping centres, restaurants and quaint garden entertaining areas.

Miami Stainless stocks a huge range of catenary wire and fittings.  Our in-house fabrication department can develop custom wires systems and anchor points for your commercial projects.

  • Cut to length wire systems
  • Machine swaging of bottlescrews and turnbuckles fixings
  • Standard and custom made wall plates and anchor points

How to hang outdoor catenary lighting?

Large scale projects should be installed by a qualified trades person.   Our team can assist you in selecting the suitable hardware to adequately secure and suspend your hanging lights.  

We also have an online catenary quote request form, click button below.

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For residential projects catenary lighting can make a dramatic change to an area and can be quite easy to install.  

Simple DIY Zig-Zag Method

For a domestic installation measure the distance you wish to cover with lighting.  Begin measuring from the start point across all the zig zagging lengths to the end point.  Send your measurements to Miami Stainless and our team will custom make your wire rope to the required length.  For installation, fix eye plates to anchor at both ends and the locations you want your zig zag wires to cross back over.   Feed your pre-swaged wire through the loops and anchor at each end.

Hanging lights or fair lighting can be fixed to your suspended wires using zip ties.  A qualified electrician should be contracted for all hardwired electrical installations.

how to install wire outdoor catenary lighting





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