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Can I crimp my own balustrade wire?

Posted by Miami Stainless on 16-Feb-2017 09:29:19


Yes, you can.  Hand swaging or crimping is a popular and cost effective system that is used by both trades and DIY installers.


Wire and fittings used in balustrades are quite small allowing crimping or swaging to be done manually using a specalised tool known as a Hand Swager.   


To crimp your own balustrade wire you will require:




Generally a 7 x 7 wire construction is used as this type is flexible and can be easily bent around the thimbles to form the loop.   



1.   Loop your wire rope through your ferrule and through the other end    

      forming an eyelet 

wire and ferrul loop.jpg



2.   Insert your thimble and pull down on your wire until it is tight around it

wire ferrule and thimble.jpg



3.   Leave a space about the width of your wire between your thimble and your

      swage sleeve and about 2mm of wire overhang on the other side of

      the ferrule

wire ferrule and thimble tightened.jpg



4.   Place the ferrule in the jaws of the hand swager and clamp down until the tool completly closes

clamp tool closed to swage.jpg



5.   Turn the ferrule over and repeat the process.  Your wire is swaged and ready to be used.

how to swage wire.jpg



Crimping is also commonly know in Australia as swaging.   This is the process of joining 2 pieces of metal or other material (usually a wire and a metal plate) by deforming one or both of them to hold the other. 


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