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Posted by Miami Stainless on 16-May-2020 08:30:00

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Balustrade, Posts & Handrail Specials

Posted by Miami Stainless on 14-May-2020 15:24:32



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Height Safety Hardware Now Available Online

Posted by Miami Stainless on 29-Apr-2020 14:56:46

Miami Stainless has a great range of quality eye nuts and eye bolts suitable for use in height safety and fall arrest systems. 

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Topics: Stainless Steel Maintenance, Height Safety

COVID-19 Update

Posted by Miami Stainless on 06-Apr-2020 09:16:00

In response to the fast-changing nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, Miami Stainless would like to assure you we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers.

COVID-19 Response

We have implemented a series of measures to protect the health and safety of our people and our visitors including implementing social distancing measures across our work areas and cancelling all customer visits for the foreseeable future.  We have also decided to CLOSE OUR SHOWROOM.  This means that we have suspended all in house sales consultations. All Orders can continue to be placed by phone or online and your Orders can still be picked up at the designated pick up area at the exterior of our warehouse.

We will CONTINUE TO OPERATE AT FULL CAPACITY in all other forms, including sales, quotations, fabrication and despatch and we will endeavour to maintain uninterrupted supply to all our customers. For sales or advice please contact our team via email, phone, fax or online chat via our website, details are below.

We will continue to monitor and introduce additional measures in accordance with the Australian Government health advice to protect our people and maintain operations.

In the meantime, we want to thank you for your continued support and wish you well during this extraordinary event.


PH: 1800 022 122

FAX: 1800 022 199



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Easter Specials

Posted by Miami Stainless on 03-Apr-2020 09:13:17


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Stainless Steel – The Overlooked Style Enhancer for All Modern Structures

Posted by Miami Stainless on 25-Feb-2020 09:15:22

When creating and designing buildings and dwellings there is a constant pressure to be innovative. It's not that each design has to be different because style is naturally embedded in the present and whatever the present vogue is. But materials can be different and variation is the spice of life. Especially if they encapsulate or endorse a design or style set.

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Topics: Wire Balustrade, Balustrade Posts, Glass Balustrade

New Catenary Lighting Wire Kits

Posted by Miami Stainless on 08-Feb-2020 09:30:00

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Topics: Design, Catenary

Simple to Install Green Wall Structures Using Stainless Steel

Posted by Miami Stainless on 04-Feb-2020 10:00:00

One of the most wonderful developments in green wall and building landscaping is the dynamic use of stainless-steel tension systems and wire rope arrangements. The benefits of stainless steel are that that it's resilient, long lasting, aesthetic, and very strong. The options of stainless steel are various arrangements that can be configured across multiple situations both walled or in space.

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Topics: Wire Trellis, Design, green wall

How To Add Glamour To Your Dwelling With Stainless Steel

Posted by Miami Stainless on 29-Jan-2020 10:44:00

In an ever-diverse world, architects have been looking for that element that finishes a design in a way that creates differentiation as well as dimension. Advances in stainless steel composition and stainless-steel products for construction have also provided for new ideas and innovation.

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Topics: Wire Balustrade, Design

Why plant climbers and green walls are so exciting – inside and out

Posted by Miami Stainless on 21-Jan-2020 10:43:52

The world is realising how important greenery is in the modern developments and building constructs. It's naturally being driven by many factors including the need for better climate, more aesthetic settings for humans to work and live, and fundamentally as a type of addition to visual creativity to counteract the stiffness of straight blank walls.

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Topics: Wire Trellis, Design, green wall

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